Despo House Refurbishment

A 2017 FORMit refurbishment of a 1967 bungalow built by A. Gabrielides, as one of his first commissions, for his uncle.

The house had been empty for a few years and was in need of a lot of repair before it could be habitable again. FORMit Architects took the opportunity to turn this 3 bed, 2-bath bungalow into a family home again.

The works were completed in stages, starting with the interiors. A small extension was planned in order to get 2 more showers in, the bathrooms and kitchen were fully refurbished as was all the electrical wiring/supply and plumbing.

The internal layout was mostly left untouched bar the bathroom extensions, and all the wooden floors and certain original features were kept. All the windows and internal doors changed.

The roof was re-insulated and the external works included refurbishing and re-paving all external patios, the garage and adding a deck and pergola to the back garden. There was also a lot of emphasis on planting and lighting, both internally and externally.

The house was in a very good condition structurally, and the original herringbone solid wood floors needed only a sanding/varnish, and they were as good as new!