GA Event 09/12

Event: Event at NBG to celebrate increased productivity
Date: September 2012

The presentation and reception by the architectural firm Gabrielides Architects at the Headquarters of the National Bank of Greece, Nicosia was completed on the 9/27/12 for the successful implementation of an internal program of increasing productivity, for which we received funding from the European Social Fund.

Gabrielides Architects places particular emphasis on productivity, training and the improving of skills through its continuous effort for positive development. Within this framework, the firm has successfully completed the ‘Business Subsidy Plan for the Replacement of Low Productivity Jobs with High Productivity Jobs’. The Plan provides for the provision of grants to companies for the preparation and implementation of business plans that will lead to improved labor productivity and is subsidized by the European Social Fund through the Center of Productivity.

The project objectives were to: increase productivity through the implementation of a package of software systems, including the SAP Business One + Autodesk Revit Architecture, the application of a new procedures manual and the training of staff.
Additional objectives beyond productivity growth were: the ability to measure labor productivity and application of key performance indicators, the profitability and efficiency of projects, the application of modern office management methods, proper and effective training in the office, better communication between project teams etc.. In addition, the SAP Business One works with local software for payroll and time management together they work as one unit.

It is important to describe the REVIT Architecture software that designs in 3D with all the information and properties of the components of the building ie walls, doors, etc., in the same way that in practice buildings are constructed. Some of its many features are the 3D presentation easily understood by the client, an environmental study of the building (including shading), applying different materials for comparison & selection, realistic presentation of interior & exterior end and simultaneous updating of any changes in all projects and directories.

All objectives have been successfully achieved.

Results of the implementation of the plan are: Reduce time to design a project, recording and improvement unproductive labor time, recording activities offered but not priced, detailed costing of each project year, costing analysis and internal operations of the office, increase productivity for submission international contests, enhance the capabilities and knowledge of staff, creation of new and improved internal processes, etc.

For the success of the project Steering Committee was created consisting of Mr. Alecos Gabrielides (Gabrielides Architects), Nausica Gabrielides (Gabrielides Architects) and Evagoras Kasinidis (Anaglyfo Solutions Ltd).

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