A full ground floor renovation to an old existing building, on Kyriakou Matsi in Nicosia, and change of use into a fine-dining wine bar and restaurant.

The use of a warm palette of materials and textures creates a Mediterranean atmosphere that extends out of the existing building’s shell, onto pergola covered terraces.

An inside outside connection is created through the large openings from the top-hung hinged windows that pivot 90 degrees above the bar tops that sit on low walls.

Subtle lighting illuminates key features of the design and along with the carefully chosen plants and decor throughout adds to the environment. 

The division of spaces allows for the creation of different environments which are mechanically and electrically controlled to suit each use, as well as to comply with local regulations.

Kuzuba, recently awarded with the Gastronomos Cypriot Cuisine Award 2023, is a place to experience the purity and seasonal qualities of local, Cypriot ingredients. A local concept with international soul.