The Nicos Shacolas School of Medicine and Health Sciences building at University of Cyprus campus is a project we are very proud to be a part of as the local architects and local team leaders, working closely with SV60 Arquitectos, Sevilla, Spain since 2016.

We have been part of this project from the very start after Antonio and his team won the design competition, navigating the Cypriot planning system to gain town planning, and coordinating all the local team ( local civil engineer – Loizos Hadjigeorgiou, M&E – Meltec, acoustics consultant – Panacoustics, laboratories consultant-  Nicholas Kalogerakis and landscape consultant – Cyflora) with the Design team in Spain ( Lead Architects SV60 Arquitectos, Lead Civil Engineer – NextForce Engineering) and the QS – Andreas Demetriades and LEED consultants – JG Injenieros and of course the client – CDO University of Cyprus to conclude the design stages and bring the project to tender stage and now construction, together.

The project is now on-site and we have our team permanently based there for supervision.

We are very grateful to be part of this exciting project and thankful to Antonio of SV60 and the University of Cyprus for trusting in us.

The Medical School has been designed around a central green courtyard which slopes down from the entrance level on the Belvedere pedestrian walkway down 2 levels to the open plaza which connects to the Biology School and the future second phase of the Medical School.

It comprises of roughly 8000msq of laboratories, teaching labs, professors’ offices, and auxiliary spaces.

The structure is hybrid concrete and metal trusses.

Each level works around a rectangular circulation corridor connecting 4 stair cores with views either inwards to the courtyard or outwards through a grid of approximately 4000 bespoke white aluminium open boxes which give the school its distinctive look and provide a second skin acting towards its bioclimatic goals.

The levels are interconnected by a web of bridges within the courtyard.

We are working towards a LEED certification of Gold, which, when completed will make it a first for Cyprus.