University of Cyprus

Won by competition
In collaboration with Alexandros Tombazis
Cost: CYP ₤ 11,990,000(€ 20,383,000)
Date of Completion: 2011
Client: Cyprus Government
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

The complex consists of two rectilinear East-West wings which work to bring the spaces of academic instruction, study and education of masters students together (FEB01 – Management/MBA/Deanery, FEB02 – School of Economics) and join with a third wing which houses the main social functions for the students (CTF – amphitheatres, lecture halls, and the offices of the Department of Research and International Relations).
These three wings play with the large changes in the levels of the landscape and inter-connect through an elongated exterior bridge. This bridge is central to the concept and apart from being a focal architectural feature, where the mountain range of Pendadaktilos can be experienced whilst walking north along it, it is the hub of the circulation through the three buildings connecting the professors, students, amphitheatres and offices.

One of the main design ambitions was to maximise the amount of natural light and ventilation the spaces would receive, which resulted in the breaking up of the program into the three wings; a major bioclimatic design consideration. Attention was paid to resolving this ambition further through the design of internal corridors as bridges which allow air and light to pass to the floors below as well as the use of openings of glass in the ceilings and also the use of translucent glass panels in parts of the façade which face common areas.

Lastly the use of the latest technology in thermal insulation in the facades and the strategic placement of shading systems according to the needs of the buildings and their orientation has greatly improved the bioclimatic performance of the complex.